Dentists’ Faculty


Starting from 2008, we begin our course of studies at dentists’ faculty. We form new department, enroll qualified specialists on the corresponding disciplines necessary for future professions, purchase modern equipment required for pedagogic procedures, enlarge library stock – this all is done to contribute to successful training in the new spheres. New faculty opening lets us broaden the university educational service spectrum.

The goal of the faculty is the training of a dentist, and for the implementation of this goal priority tasks are given.

The graduate must have a wide erudition, which allows him to navigate freely in modern medical technologies and methods of diagnostics, and have a high level of mastery of practical skills that meet the requirements of today. During the second year students acquire basic knowledge and skills in specially equipped phantom classes, which simulate the conditions of a real dental appointment, so that students can use the knowledge and skills obtained in previous theoretical studies. In the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University provides a separate workplace for every student, equipped at the modern level, which contains a phantom table, a simulator of the patient’s head, a set of dental tips, lamps, a control pedal, a polymerization lamp, instrumentation and consumables.

At the senior courses students take patients under the guidance of teachers of profile departments, using modern equipment and materials, in medical institutions of the Department of Health of Moscow. Senior students have the opportunity at their choice to attend master classes organized during international dental exhibitions, learning the experience of the International Dental Community in the field of medical education based on the achievements of modern science and technology. The faculty holds scientific student conferences, inter university Olympiads in dental disciplines. At the profile departments, together with the teachers, research and student work and participation in publications are conducted. There is also a winter and summer practice in the profile dental areas during 10 weeks at the dentistry faculty.

For more than 100 years Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University is one of the leading medical universities in Russia. The diploma of a dentist received in our university is a guarantee of a high level of professional training.