Therapeutic faculty

Therapeutic faculty (former   medical)   was founded in 1906   and is our university’s ancestor. It was Russia’s first Higher Medical educational establishment for women. Over the period of its existence there were  96 full-time education and 41 evening courses of study graduations, over 30000 therapists were trained.

Currently, therapeutic faculty is still the largest university faculty 4630 students of our university are specialised in «Clinical Therapy». As it was in previous years faculty departments are tightly connected with Moscow institutions for health treatment in practice, such as: big state clinical hospitals, maternity hospitals, outpatient-polyclinical establishments that form the clinical basis.

We train highly qualified physicians on major spheres of medical activity: therapists, surgeons, obstertitians-gynaecologists and other. The faculty consists of 40 departments that provide our graduates for high level in general theories, medicobiological and clinical training.

Therapeutic faculty is famous for outstanding people of medicine -S.I.Spasokukotskiy, P.Ye.Lukomskiy, I.V.Davydovskiy, V.S.Preobrazhenskiy, A.I.Nesterov, А.Н.Bakulev, V.D.Timakov, Z.P.Solovyev and many others. Nowadays there are also many famous Russian scientists working at the university departments. Thus, medicobiological branch is headed by academicians of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS), professor  Yu.М.Lopukhin, Yu.P.Lisitsin, V.N.JYarygin, academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS), professor Yu.S.Tatarinov, RAMS associates, professors А.А.Теrentyev, G.V.Poryadin.

The branch of general professional studies includes surgical and therapeutical  schools headed by specialists known in Russia and abroad: RAMS and Russian Academy of Science (RAS) academician: professor V.S.Savelyev, RAMS associate, professor Yu.М.Pantsirev, professor Yu.А.Nesterenko and other.

One of the most famous urological schools is headed by RAMS academician, professor N.А.Lopatkin and RAMS associate, professor Е.B.Mazo.

RAMS academician, professor      G.I.Storozhakov,      RAMS associate,      professor Yu.B.Belousov, professors V.А.Lusov, B.Ya.Bart, N.А.Shostak carry on therapeutical schools traditions. RAMS academician,    professor А.P.Nesterov heads over ophtalmological school.

The whole neurology branch is headed by RAMS academician, professor Е.I.Gusev, RAMS associate, professor V.I.Skvortsova.

Educational content is stipulated by demands of the time and scientific achievements. Acquisition of the university status subsequently influenced on further curriculum improvement, continuous education concept formation starting with training at a higher educational establishment and proceeding to working as a young specialist. Nowadays RSMU therapeutic faculty enables the students to major practically in all branches of the modern medicine.