Pediatric Faculty


In 1930 the unique to the world and to our country maternity, baby-hood and children’s treatment faculty was opened in RSMU (now pediatric faculty). It is our university’s pride.

Starting from the very day of the faculty formation future pediatricians were trained according to high school regulations and practical health treatment demands. Departments of the pediatric faculty are tightly connected with Moscow Health Service establishment and possess hospital stock of more than 10000 beds.

22 academicians and RAMS associates as well as 20 academicians and  associates of other academies, more than 130 doctors of medical sciences including 96 professors 53 of whom head the departments work at the departments and train students of the pediatric faculty. More than 400 lecturers have academic degrees of candidate of Medical Science, over 190 have a degree of an associate professor.

Over the period of pediatric faculty of RNRMU existence there were 75 full-time and 37 evening courses of study for  graduations, over 25000 pediatricians were trained.