Health promotion, physical training and sport

In 1971 on the Volga bank near Konakovo town sports and health camp «Konakovo» was built, where 200 students and university employees can enjoy themselves during winter and summer time. There is a well-equipped beach, gym, sports grounds for playing football, basketball, volleyball, tennis at their disposal. The cost is not very high and it is partially paid by students and employees trade unions.

Students’ leisure time can contribute to their health improvement.  A modern sports complex of about 6 thousand sq. m. with three play gyms, a range of sports equipment halls and gyms for sports groups is at students RSMU employees’ service. Due to a great variety of sports groups everybody can choose one to his/her liking.

Annually our sportsmen-students participate in more than 100 various competitions. In many sports they become champions of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of Russia, win medal places.